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Welcome! We hope you arrived safely.

Manager’s phone number

+61 (0) 429 535 833


We’ve drawn maps of the immediate area and the region to make your planning easier.

Wireless internet

Passcode to the network will be on the router when you arrive.

Audiovisual equipment

Remote controls are usually stored in the lounge area – often in a drawer. If you have any difficulty working the equipment please do not interfere with the connections.  Contact the manager for assistance. Guests have altered connections in the past which inconveniences others and causes us to have to spend a lot of time amending the setup.

Video arcade games

There are hundreds of old-school video games for you to enjoy and relive. Turn off after use or you may cause permanent damage to the screen.


Please use the helmets and security lock provided. Do not take the bikes on the sand. Please keep the tires pumped and ready for the next guest. Repair items (and usually a spare inner tube) can be found in the garage cupboard, in case you get a flat. Also please don’t lean the bikes (or anything else) against walls – we provide racks for the bikes to be parked in.

Pantry space

The large draw below the microwave and the draw to the left of that  are empty for you to store pantry items in.


Please use the BBQ wipes provided to clean the plate after each use. Wipe when slightly warm, but not hot. The wipes are non-toxic and it is safe to eat off the BBQ without washing.


Please ensure there is always a bin liner in each wheelie bin before placing rubbish in the bin. These are provided (in the cupboard under the sink), but ask if you cannot find them. Ensure general waste is wrapped i.e. in plastic bags before placing it in the green top wheelie bin. Rinse recyclables before placing them in the yellow top wheelie bin.

Collection can happen any time on Fridays. Please place bins curbside, with the handles closest to the house on, or before, Thursday evening to ensure collection.

Towels and makeup

Please use dark face washers to remove makeup rather than white towels. We’ll really appreciate you helping us with this as it can take a lot of effort to remove stains from the white towels.

Books, magazines, DVDs, games

Please leave these so future guests can also enjoy them.


Birds: If a family of magpies hangs around, don’t be alarmed – they are friendly! Do not feel obliged to feed them, but if you want to, high protein foods (egg, meat or cheese) are best, but really they like eating insects, so its great if they stay around and keep the grasshopper population low.

Frogs: You are adjacent to a nature reserve. It’s a beautiful, healthy habitat for native frogs. If a frog gets inside, please do not hurt it. Simply put it in the garden, or call the manager for help.

Check the Fauna folder on the bookshelf for info about native birds and animals you may find in the area.


Very occasionally, the gas supply to the hot water system or the BBQ will run out as it is supplied in bottles rather than piped. Please call the manager if this happens and they will help you switch to the reserve bottle and they also need to be made aware so they can replace the empty bottle.

Please find further information

Equipment folder – instruction manuals for appliances in the house.

If you need assistance, or find anything needs attention, please do not hesitate to contact the site manager.

Edible plants

You are welcome to use some of the edible plants, such as herbs in the garden. Please consider future guests also want to enjoy them so do not uproot or strip plants bare. Ensure you are knowledgeable about plants before consuming them. We cannot be responsible if guests ingest plants not suitable for human consumption.


The fridge/freezer is on optimal settings for maintaining food safety. Please do not change the settings or turn buttons on or off.

Shops within walking distance

• Supermarket

• Butcher

• Bakery

• Pharmacy

• Medical centre

• Newsagency

• Bottle shop

• Takeaway, fish shop

• Cafe

• Hairdresser.

Hire service

Linen, prams, wheelchairs, beach umbrellas and other items. 

Please relax and enjoy!